When will autonomous cars be available

When will autonomous cars be available to the public?


Autonomous carsDriving a car is a dream of a young kid. But when you grow up, things get complicated and you become bored with driving your own car.  Most of the people prefer a cab or a driver rather than driving a car all the way to their workplace by themself. Because it allows them to take an extra bit of rest or even a nap. Who doesn’t love to sleep a few more extra minutes huh?

What will happen if your car becomes a driver itself? Then you don’t have to drive yourself or even hire a cab or a driver. That would be fantastic and you will be able to save a lot of money. But is it possible? You may have seen autonomous cars in Tv series like Knight Rider. But when will autonomous cars be available to the public for day to day use? Let’s talk about it.


What are autonomous cars?


An autonomous car or in simple words, a self-driving car is a vehicle that is capable of identifying the objects and the environment around it and operate itself without the involvement of a human. But there are 6 types/levels in autonomous cars categorized by their evolution.

Six levels od autonomous cars

Level 0: No automation

This is the very basic level of a car that most of the people used in the last century. No automation technology has used. Therefore drivers should operate manually every single feature.


Level 1: Driver assistance

A few new features have introduced to the level 0 cars, like Adaptive cruise control (ACC), Adaptive light control, Anti-lock braking system, and automatic parking. But still, human engagement is necessary to control the vehicle. These are common features of nowadays cars.


Level 2: Partial automation

This is where it begins to feel the excitement of an autonomous car. The car drives itself but the driver must have hands on the wheel to take control at any given moment, to avoid any danger. Tesla Autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assist, Audi Traffic Jam Assist are some of the cars that use Level 2 autonomous capabilities.

Level 3: Conditional automation

As the name suggests it can drive autonomously with conditions and limitations like limited-access divided highways at a certain speed. Although hands are not necessarily should be on the wheel, drivers are still required behind the wheel. In this kind of vehicle, the driver’s hand on the wheel is not necessary. Although the driver must be behind the wheel. The Audi R8 is one of the first cars made with Level 3 autonomous technology.


Level 4: High automation

Google's Waymo self driving car projectThis is considered high, but not fully autonomous driving, and a human can still request control, and the car still has a cockpit but the car can handle the most of driving situations independently. Google’s Waymo project is a great example of level 4 autonomous cars. There are no lot of cars with this technology. Most of them are still under testings. Also, rules and regulations about self drivings should be changed to use a car with this technology.


Level 5: Full automation

This is the ultimate level of autonomy,. These cars will not even have steering wheels or acceleration/braking pedals to control by a human. All the operations can be done by simple voice command. Also, the car has the ability to detect your destination by investigating your schedule. However, fully autonomous cars are still not in public


When will autonomous cars be available to the public?


Autonomous cars in publicAs you can see these are the six levels of an autonomous car. And in 2020 even level 4 autonomous cars are still under experiments. But hopefully, we will be able to see level 4 autonomous cars bt next year. But it will another 5,6 years to see level 4 autonomous cars regularly on the road. But the question is when will autonomous cars be available to the public.

According to the experts, it will take another 10-15 years for people to buy a fully automated car in a store like a regular car these days. But who knows. Some people thought there will be flying cars in 2020. But even planes are not allowed to fly now. ;-p Therefore “when will autonomous cars be available to the public” is not a question that can give an exact answer. Hopefully, we think before 2030 we will be able to see at least one fully automotive car.



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