When will robots start to take over the world

When will robots start to take over the world

When will robots start to take over the world



movies about robotsIf you have some knowledge about robotics and artificial intelligence, then you might be wondering that is there any chance that when will robots start to take over the world?. Because most of the science-fiction movies trying to show that there is a chance of a war between humans and robots, robots are dangerous and things like that. However, that is not 100% true, but there are somethings we should be careful about. So let’s talk about when will robots start to take over the world and how we can avoid that kind of danger.



Some scary incidents with robots


1. Facebook shut down its A.I. chat project

Facebook Chat bot

Facebook had to recently shut down their A.I. chat project due to their bots developing a strange pattern of speaking. The goal of the project was to get to A.I. bots to trade virtual goods through chatting online. But the project ended up taking a weird turn when they started forming strange sentences, almost like they were about to self-destruct.

Because they started saying things with no real meaning. For example, you, i i i i, everything else and ball have a ball to me to me to me. The researchers at Facebook eventually found out was that the patterns of speaking, the robots we’re expressing were suspiciously familiar to the way babies learn to speak. That’s too creepy for words.



2. Self-driving car accident

Self-driving cars are all the rage nowadays. And although it sounds like a good idea, in theory, the technology still has a long way to go. A video was recently posted on YouTube demonstrating Volvo self-driving car brake system. A team of engineers is grouped in front of the car as the Volvo backs up the car, then speeds toward them to test the brake. Except for this time, the car doesn’t stop. It totally rams into one of the engineers at full speed.



Ouch. The camera goes out of focus at that point. So we don’t get to see whether this guy was totally run over or if the car got the message and backed up. This is too scary for words. Either this car had a secret agenda or a Volvo needs to step up their self-driving technology game.


3. Sophia and her brother Han trying to take the world

Remember Sophia, the brainchild of Dr. David Hanson and his company, Hanson Robotics, based in Hong Kong, recently participated in a robot debate at an A.I. conference. She was asked to introduce herself before the debate began. She said her name was Sophia and that she was a robot. Sounds harmless enough. She also said that her goal in life is to work together with humans and make a better world for all of us. But then things got weird.

Her male robot opponent on the opposite end of the stage cut in with,what are you talking about? I thought our goal was to take over the world. Either Dr. David Hansen is trolling all of us, or that’s just the true dark nature of robots baring its ugly head. Check the video below. (4.30 min)

These are only a few incidents that happened recently and there are many more. But these things don’t prove that robots have a clear intention of taking control or hurting humans. Sometimes these types of things can be happened due to small programming errors. But we should keep in mind that things like these are not impossible. But according to my knowledge, robots are not smart enough to take over the world in the near future.
The reason I’m telling that is, the 3rd incident I have mentioned above Sophia and her brother Han are the two of the most advanced robots in the world. But still, Han revealed their whole plane in front of a big audience. That proves that their technology is not advanced enough to defeat humans. Therefore we won’t have to worry about thinking when will robots start to take over the world. It’s not gonna happened in this decade.
However, with rapidly increasing AI and Machine Learning technologies in a few more years we should have to talk about this topic in advance.
robots will start to take over the world

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