How to set up a Smart Home with Alexa

How to set up a Smart Home with Alexa

How to set up a Smart Home with Alexa


Amazon Alexa is one of the best Virtual Assistants in the market. You should be someone who has already bought a Smart Speaker or looking to buy one. If not you probably wondering which is the most suitable Smart speaker for you. If so, check this article, Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home for more information. Today we are gonna talk about how to set up a Smart Home with Alexa.

These are the steps you should follow to set up and connect devices in your Smart Home with Alexa. Let’s discuss each step in detail later in the article. If you haven’t still bought an Amazon Smart Speaker, you can buy it from Amazon store, check the link here. So let’s get back to the topic.

Here are the quick steps.

Step 1: Download the Alexa app.

Step 2: Plug and turn on all the smart devices in your home.

Step 3: Open Alexa app -> Go to Menu -> Add device

Step 4: Select the type of device you want to add and enable Alexa Skill.

Step 5: Go back to the Home page and it will show newly added device.


How to set up guide

Step 1: Download the Alexa app

Download the Alexa app from the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for ios users. Once you download the app you need to log in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account click the “CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT” button and get registered. Then it will probably ask for your phone number. You can just enter your phone number or click “Not Now”. Now you all set to go.

Step 2: Plug and turn on all the smart devices in your home

Make sure all the devices you want to connect with Alexa, has plugged in and turned on.

For example, if you have an Amazon Echo or Echo dot then plug it in and turn on the device.

Step 3: Open Alexa app -> Go to Menu -> Add device

Then click on the “Add Device” section and then it will pop up all kind of devices that is capable of connecting with Alexa. After that, you need to enable the Alexa Skill according to the device you going to add. To do that follow the steps in the below example. (Make sure you the device you trying to add, has already set up and connected to the app of that device.)

For this example, I’m going to add a Philips Hue Smart Bulb to the Alexa app.

add a Philips Hue Smart Bulb to the Alexa app


1. Click on “Add Device”

2. Then go to “Bulb”

3. Click on “Philips Hue”

4. Then choose the version of the bulb

5. If you have already download and set up the Philips Hue app and, then hit “Continue”

6. It will bring you to the final step. Click “Enable to use”.

Step 5: Go back to the Home page and it will show newly added device.

Go back to the Home page and it will show newly added device. By clicking on it you can go to the control panel and start controlling your device. That’s it.

Now let’s see what are devices capable of connecting to Amazon Alexa.


What are the devices compatible with Alexa?


devices compatible with AlexaWhen you go to the “Add Device” section, it will show all the devices and their brands that are capable of connecting to the Amazon Alexa. (or you can check this list) If your product is not on that list, then that means that there isn’t a skill for your device. Which means that the device is not compatible with Alexa. But some times Alexa can be compatible with your device, but you won’t be able to find any Skills to that device. In a case like that go to Voice Control Smart Home Devices Without Skills. However, by the end of 2019, there are over 60000 different devices, and more than 9500 unique brands capable of connecting to Alexa.


What are the problems you will face and how to solve them


Problem: Smart Devices disconnect after a few minutes

Solution: This happens mostly because of the software problems of the device. Update you devises software to the latest version and replugging the device may solve this issue. If the issue still appears, then contact your Smart Device company.


Problem: Alexa Echo(Smart Speaker) disconnects from the wifi

Solution: Reboot your router and Smart Speaker. After the router fully powered back on, restore power to the Smart Speaker, and try streaming some audio or interacting with it heavily for several minutes to see if you can reproduce the issue.


Problem: Alexa cant understand your commands

Solution: If Alexa repeats “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that” every time you give a command, that means Alexa can’t understand what you are saying. This happens mostly due to the different accent you have. First of all, make sure, you are not in a noisy area to Alexa to identify your voice clearly. Then to get Alexa to learn your voice, open the Alexa app and go to Menu -> Settings -> Account Settings -> Recognized Voices  -> Manage Voice Profile. Then create your voice profile and it will solve this issue.


Problem: My Smart Home Device Doesn’t Connect to Alexa

Solution: First of all make sure that your smart home device is compatible with Alexa. To see compatible devices, go to If a “No new devices found” message appears in the Alexa app, check to see if your device is already connected in the Alexa app under “Devices”. If the problem still appears, then try to add Skills to Alexa. Update your device software to the latest version. Also, make sure your device is within a range of Alexa.


What can you do with Alexa

If you are not familiar with Smart Assistants, then you may don’t know exactly what can you do with Alexa. Alexa can be controlled by your voice and it is capable of Playing music, Reading News and Sports Scores, Weather reports, or even tell jokes and sing songs. It is just like a regular personal assistant with more knowledge and talents. Here are some funny cool commands you can try with Alexa.


Alexa commandsQ: Alexa, do you have any pets?

A: I don’t have any pets. I used to have a few bugs, but they kept getting squashed.

Q: Alexa, what is the value of Pi?

A: The approximate value of pi is 3.141592653589…(Alexa will go on for a bit, then make a joke, such as “phew!” or “this thing goes on forever!”)

Q: Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?

A: I like you…as a friend


Check this video out for more funny commands.


How to create an Alexa group or room

After you add all of your devices in your Smart Home, then you can group those devices as you like. By adding devices to a group you can control all those devices in the group calling the group name.

To create an Alexa group, go to the “Devices” section.

Click on the “+” icon on the top right corner. Then choose  “Add Group” and tap the devices you want to add.


How to rename Alexa smart home devices

Soon after you add a Smart device to the Alexa, its name may little bit hard to pronounce (Ex: Bulb A301983). Therefore you have to change it to some easy name so you can easily give commands using that name(Ex: Smart Bulb 1). Let’s see how to rename Smart Devices.

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Device Settings. Then select the Smart Device you want to rename.

Then you can easily rename the device by going to “Edit Name”

So that’s it for this article, I hope this became really helpful. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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