Basics of IoT

Advantages and disadvantages of IoT

Advantages and disadvantages of IoT

In this article, we are mainly gonna discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of iot. I have already mentioned in a previous article, that the Internet of things is one of the best phenomena in this century. Therefore there must be plenty of advantages when comparing to disadvantages. If not it won’t come so far. But nothing is perfect, right? So IoT also has very few bad sides in it. But those are not things we can easily neglect only because of the plenty of advantages. The reason I’m telling this is, it can highly affect the user if we don’t minimize those bad patches.

We are in the second decade of the 21st century and technology is changing rapidly more than we think. So nowadays, Smartphones, Tv, fridges, Light bulbs and a lot more electronic device in our houses are connected to the internet. Therefore we could utilize those devices more than ever.

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Internet of things.

Advantages of IoT

As I mentioned above, there thousands of advantages to the Internet of things. But I will get some very few important ones from the list to make it easy.

(1) Minimize the human workload

Because of the connection to the internet, communication between each device has become very much efficient when compared to the past. Therefore we (humans) don’t have to necessarily interact with each device separately every time. That means we can assign part of our workload to devices for executing.

For example, if your smart fridge has connected to the internet, then it knows about your favorite and frequently used foods. Therefore if one of these runs out, then your fridge has the ability to think independently and decides to add that food into your shopping cart. Or even if its argent, it can order it from Amazon.

So you don’t need to worry about those small things anymore. Iot helps you to reduce your workload and focus on your main things. And that is a huge advantage of iot.

(2) Information gathering and analysis

As a result of devices connect to each other, getting all your personal and public information into one place is very easy. Therefore you don’t need to check every single device, again and again. (Having more information under your nose is always better) Business information, health records, personal details, security information, and a lot more things can be analyzed by using your smartphone or laptop and estimate the right decision. In other words, the whole world is under your fingertips.

(3) Time and money-saving

As  I mentioned in the above advantage, all the information can be gathered automatically in a very quick time. So we can save the time we spent on collecting all spread information on different devices by using IoT. So on a large scale, we don’t need extra employees to gather and analyze information. Because IoT can do it for you in an instant. Even on a small scale ( like inside a home), IoT helps to manage our day to day activities it is capable of doing a lot of things even without our advice. That may cause us to save plenty of your time which is more valuable than money.

(4) Device automation

This is similar to the first advantage we discussed. Automation is the process of using automatic equipment. In other words, reducing the intervention of humans to control devices. If humans stop engaging with devices and we let them work automatically using iot, they can produce a fast and very much accurate output by using their quick reaction time and fast decision makings. This also leads to minimizing human workload and time saving indirectly.

Disadvantages of IoT

The Internet of things can be very dangerous if didn’t protect it correctly. IoT has very few disadvantages in general. But those few are very serious issues and we should keep our eyes always open in that direction. So let’s talk about the disadvantages of iot.

(1) Security issues

As you can clearly see in this graph there is a huge increase in malware attacks on IoT devices. That means if you are using IoT already, you are in terrible danger of being attacked by a hacker unless you protect yourself.

This kind of attack can access all devices in the iot system. Because as I explained earlier, IoT all about connecting devices to the internet through a smart hub. Unfortunately, these smart hubs have some serious vulnerabilities that cloud allow an attacker(hacker) to even unlock doors in your home. That means there may be uninvited guests in your smart home at any time.

(2) Privacy threats

If an attacker cloud breakthrough your IoT system, then he has all the access to every single device in the system. He can watch your bedroom using your smart TV or PC, he can check security cameras, access your credit card details and personal information and many more things.

That’s the reason I mention in the beginning, that “those are not things we can easily neglect only because of the plenty of advantages”

(3)  Complexity in IoT

Because of the highly advanced technologies used in IoT, a person with a non-technical background may not be able to understand the concepts and how things work. Therefore IoT is still among a small group of young generation who has some updated technical knowledge.

Even the developer may face some difficulties in developing IoT devices and technology because of its high complexity.

So these are the main advantages and disadvantages of IoT. However, Iot is a very useful technology in our day to day life as well as large scale productions. But iot is always at the risk of being attacked. In the future, iot will grow rapidly. Thousands of smart homes and smart cities will be developed. Security in iot will be very solid. But as well as hackers find new ways to breakthrough.

However, IoT is a highly effective technology. So you should keep in mind all these advantages and disadvantages of IoT and decide how useful it is to your needs. Therefore you need to protect from attacks and get the full use of it.

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