History and the evolution of the Internet of things 2

History and the evolution of the Internet of things

History and the evolution of the Internet of things (IoT)


Evolution of the Internet of things (IoT)

In this session, we’re going to talk about the history and the evolution of the Internet of Things. It all started with the day of mankind started. When humans were evolving during the evolution, they created something which was the first, initiating point of the IoT. Simply, the internet of things is devices talking to another device. This will be the first and foremost initiating point when humans created their first device. The second instance came when a human came into interaction with another human and they started communicating and interacting with each other.

communicationThis communication was then one to one, and the language got involved. After this, when the distances became larger, humans created devices to communicate with others, which are distant apart. This gave rise to the creation of the telephony. Then came another era of miniaturizing the devices. The devices were made smaller, and smaller to make them portable and ending for usage. It started when humans started their communication by gestures.



Digital era of communication

Inactive was the form of communication that was later moved on to iconic. They created icons to communicate with each other. And then came the language, the symbolic form of it. Humans then thought, why don’t we do it the other way around. And then they created the digital world, which was a term for the reversal of the process from symbolic to iconicdigital era of communication to be inactive or gesture oriented communication.  They created computers from mainframe to minicomputers, workstations, personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and now mm-scale and nm-scale sensor kind of devices which have been created.

It started with Mainframe, a computer to which is more than one user can be connected for the needs of computation. It moved on to microcomputers where each individual had an opportunity to has his own computational device. Now, these devices were sufficient enough to do an individual’s computation or even capable of doing the computational needs of an individual. Then came the Internet. When these computational devices were connected to each other and a network was created in the form of the Internet.


Diffusion of Information technology

Today is the era, the diffusion of information technology means it is basically diffused and each and every device is smart and connected enough to talk to each other. Therefore the information technology has become pervasive. In other words, computations are available or can be used anytime, anywhere in the world.

This led to a new era of technology that is capable of reaching anything in any device to anyone and anybody, for any services, for any business, any network, any place, anywhere, at any time, in any context. When this scenario, the whole gamut gave rules to a new concept called the Internet of Things(IoT). It was all about the eras. There was a pre Internet era when humans were interacting with humans. When you’re talking about the fixed and mobile telephony, people were interacting through SMS.

Internet of servicesThen came the smart networks, the Internet, gave it the picture, and the era was the Internet of Content, where people were focusing more on the content delivery that content is available to all through “www”. It was all about email, information, and entertainment. Then you started creating smart IP platforms and services and then web 2.0 came into the picture. That was the era of the Internet of Services. When e productivity and e-commerce came into the picture. Then smartphones and applications were brought in.



P2P became T2T

p2p became t2tThen it became the internet of people. Social media was then created. We Skype, Facebook, and YouTube came into the picture. This was the era of the Internet of People. Then we created something called smart devices, smart objects. And the data became smarter. And then came the era of the Internet of Things where machines are interacting with machines through identification, tracking, monitoring, meeting automation, actuation, and payments.

Internet of people

Sure it was all from people to people(P2P) got transformed into people do things(P2T).

And then finally, it took a shape of things to things(T2T).


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