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What is iot?

Introduction to the Internet of Things

What is IoT? IoT stands for the Internet of things. It is known as one of the greatest phenomena in the 21st century. So you must be in a hurry to know all about iot. So let’s start step by step.

What is IoT?

In simple words, iot is the process of connecting almost every single electronic device (phone, watch, tv, etc) to the internet. As you know, we can easily connect our smartphone, laptop, smartwatch or ever smart band to the internet via wifi. Because of that connection to the internet, those devices have become very much familiar to our day to day life.

Have you ever wonder why is that? 

That’s only because of the high efficiency in communication between each device. Just imagine if there is no internet, then we have to connect all our devices via cables to share files. That is a very slow and dull process. But the Internet has made it easy for us.

Internet of People

Before IoT came to the scene, it was just IoP (Internet of people). As us you all know, we used the internet to listen to music, watch movies, order a pizza, and most importantly to communicate with our friends. The Internet brought us so many things under our fingertips. That’s why the internet has become the number one in the priority list in most of the people. In that case, only people work with the internet. Therefore we named it as iop.

iot structure

But with the time pass, people wanted to add devices to their network. To make their work easy and fast. Then iop become very much complex. And the name internet of people isn’t valid anymore. Because not only people but also other devices connected to the internet. Then the IoP converted into IoT(internet of things).

How IoT work?

Before explain how IoT work, let’s get some brief idea about smart devices and their uses.

(1) Smartwatch

iot devices-smart watchThis device helps us to use our smartphone without touching it. We can answer calls, send texts, GPS navigation calendar synchronization, etc. In other words, it’s a smartphone in our wrist. And not only that, there are plenty of sensors in our smartwatch. From that it can measure our heart rate, how many steps did we walk, what is the temperature in our environment, etc.

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(2) Fitness Tracker

iot devices-fitness trackerThe fitness tracker is not much different from the design of the smartwatch. But this is specially designed for tracking our health-related things. This small device is capable of detecting our heart rate, walking steps, sleep patterns, swimming laps, burned calories and a lot more things. Therefore this device can manage our health records and allows you to stick in a healthy life.

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(3) Smart assistant

iot devices-smart assistant

A smart assistant is also known as a virtual assistant. It’s a very interesting device with a speaker, microphone and powerful software designed with artificial intelligence. It can answer any question you ask, serve you as your assistant, talk to you when you are alone and many more things. There are few famous smart assistants created by companies like apple, amazon, and Samsung.

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(4) Smart Light bulb

iot devices-smart bulb

This not just a bulb. It an LED bulb that allows you to customize, schedule or even control it remotely. Smart bulbs are the trending device in the home automation field.

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(5) Smart Fridge

smart fridge

Smart fridge is a device you This not just a bulb. It an LED bulb that allows you to customize, schedule or even control it remotely. Smart bulbs are the trending device in the home automation field.

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Now let’s see how we can connect all these devices and how the internet of things works with few real-life examples.

Example 1

Let’s think that you have all these devices and all each device connected to the internet. So when you come home after work, your smartwatch or smartphone can track your GPS location and identify that you arrived home. Then it will notify your smart assistant( Google Home, Alexa or any other assistant) that you have come home and it will automatically turn on smart lights( if it’s dark) or turn on AC/Heater.

A smart assistant knows your favorite music (your playlist), what’s your favorite TV channel and almost everything about you. Just like a real personal assistant. Imagine your mood isn’t well today and if your fitness tracker could identify that, it will inform your smart assistant about it. Then she will play your favorite music or do something to fix your mood. Because she has the ability to get decisions her self with the artificial intelligence technology used in that device. She is capable of predicting the ideal temperature(to control AC), brightness level of lights, etc.

On the other hand, your smart fridge will notify you when if there is anything out of stock in the fridge. Not only that it has the ability to add that item to your shopping cart automatically and send you a message about it.

Example 2

what is iot explainsIf you are a patient, and your doctor needs to check your pulse rate, daily burned calories or etc 2,3 times per week. Then you don’t need to visit the doctor. Because a fitness tracker can record all that data and send it to your smartphone. Then your mobile phone can analyze those data by using applications or even send it to your doctor.

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So I think you get a basic idea about what is Iot and how can we use it in day to day life. But I explained it in a very narrow and tiny area. So you should know that this is a very large topic and it can expand into so many fields.

Note:-Just imagine a smart city, which is full of billions of iot devices like smart vehicles, smart wearable devices, lightning speed internet connections. And there will be a smart assistant for each person. Companies will use highly intelligent robots to save their time and money. Highly efficient traffic lights with artificial intelligence, and fully automated city.

So thank you so much for reading this article. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you learned today. If you have any questions related to this topic, let’s discuss it in the comment section. If you like the article, hit a thumbs up. Thank you.

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