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5 Things to Know Before Going Wireless

5 things you should know before you try wireless


Before you make any decision to go with wireless, there are many points you should consider. That may help you to find out that, is wireless really worth a try for you. You may have various questions about wireless technology. In this article, I will try to answer most of those questions. So stick till the end.

VoIPIf you watch the headline news, you’re likely to see reports about mergers, government laws, and new tax legislation. These are the points to the fact that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has made a solid impression on American citizens. For some people, it may be difficult to remove the telephone cords from their homes. We have depended on them for decades. Yet if a lot of people take the time to consider the pros and cons, most of them opt to go wireless. Here are some of the reasons why you need to upgrade to wireless.


1. Wireless Creates a Faster Network

Wireless networks are fast and efficient. With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you can create a network that is capable of incorporating data, audio, video, and computer web features. Monitoring networks and troubleshooting problems can be very simple with web-based applications rather than hardware-based applications. VoIP uses less bandwidth compared to other applications and this, eventually, saves money. This is of special value to businesses. Businesses can also provide improved customer support through integrated systems. Not only does this boost productivity, but it also saves time, resources, and money in the long run.

2. VoIP Saves You Money

Overall, VoIP is much cheaper than PSTN (public switched telephone network). You simply pay for your Internet access, and then whatever VoIP provider you refer to. You can have unlimited local and long-distance phone calls for a one-time monthly fee. You will need to check with the VoIP service provider that you want the exact details of their prices.

Often your VoIP service provider allows you to make free calls to any device in the world, but there might be a charge for calls internationally to a landline phone. You should check with your preferred service provider for the exact specifics of your preferred package. Furthermore, free apps are included with many VoIP service plans. These include Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Pending, Do Not Disturb, and more. Again, speak to your preferred service provider for an overview of all the features of your contract.

The main advantage is unlimited long-distance calls. This has proved to be the number one factor why most companies are switching to VoIP. Definitely these are benefits Such incentives go without saying for businesses such as sales or jobs of mobile workers. Overall, however, the overall cost of VoIP is significantly lower when compared to the cost of PSTN.

3. VoIP Helps you to communicate with multiple people at a time

VoIP explainWith VoIP, you can communicate with more than one person without being charged extra for services such as a three-way call. You may have more than three people on the line at once with VoIP. VoIP is the ideal option for those who want to explore the functionalities of a conference call. This is very important for companies that have overseas employees. Employers will be able to increase their productivity by using video conferencing features.




4. Enjoy Greater Flexibility

If you use VoIP, you can take your VoIP equipment with you even when you travel. Your VoIP service provider will give you a converter that will give access you to use your converter with any standard phone. The converter comes programmed with your phone number, enabling you to take your phone and phone number with you all over the world. You just need is a high-speed Internet connection to use your VoIP phone service.

This is of significant benefit to mobile employees. Current outdated telecommunications networks are no longer required, or employees are trying to handle businesses on prepaid cell phone plans. Through using VoIP, employees will have access to their phone number wherever they are located. If you’re out of the country, in a hotel, or on a business trip, consumers will be able to call the same number and leave a voice mail on the employee’s phone.

5. You can Save Money for Family and Friends by Choosing Your Area Code

Many VoIP service providers can give you the option to select your own area code number. This is a huge advantage for family members and friends who can call you locally if you select the same area code number.


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