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What is a difference between the functions of cloud computing and virtualization

What is a difference between the functions of cloud computing and virtualization?



Today in this article, I’m going to explain the difference between Cloud computing and Virtualization. And this is something that’s been a little doubtful topic for people for the last several years. Also, most of these people couldn’t understand the difference between Virtualization and Cloud computing. So let’s make it clear at the end of this article.

What is a difference between the functions of cloud computing and virtualization

Some of you may already know that virtualization is actually a part of cloud computing. But what is a difference between the functions of cloud computing and virtualization?

First of all, let’s see what is Cloud computing and Virtualization.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources like servers, databases, and storage via the internet. When we use the internet to achieve these tasks we call it using the cloud. A Cloud is a remote server that you can access any time from anywhere in the world.what is cloud computing

For example, your data on the laptop can be accessed only if you have that laptop near you. But if you have a cloud service you can store your valuable data in that cloud and access it anytime you want from anywhere in the world.

As you can see in the image, there are 3 main types of cloud computing.

  1. Infrastructure as a service(IaaS): Helps hardware to get the job done.
  2. Platform as a service(PaaS): This allows you to focus on deploying and managing your applications.
  3. Software as a service(SaaS): Provide the entire package of infrastructure, the platform, and the application.

I hope to discuss more these things in future articles. So let’s move to virtualization.


What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of using the hardware of a single user computer to run multiple virtual machines within it.what is virtualization

For example, your computer may have so much computing power that you don’t use it often. So virtualization uses the extra resources of your computer to create virtual machines that run exactly like a real computer. So you can create multiple computers within your computer. Those machines may use different operating systems.

Virtualization enables us to better use our hardware resources.



What’s the difference between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?


You should understand that virtualization is a part of cloud computing. As well as cloud computing is possible because of virtualization. But the transition can exist without the cloud or cloud computing cannot exist without virtualization, at least not in its current format.

So with virtualization, you should have a human being that needs to interact with the hypervisor to create virtual What is a difference between functions of Cloud Computing and Virtualizationmachines. So you need one of your admin to manually go in there and create and manage the machines. Whereas in a cloud computing environment, you don’t need an admin to manually control things. They build out a thing called API(Application Programmable Interface) that handles all automation for communicating with the hypervisor so the customers can consume the cloud products via API calls or control panels.

So the main difference between cloud computing and virtualization is the fact that all of the control plane activities that center around creation management and maintaining of the virtual environment, all of those activities have been outsourced to an automated layer that we’re gonna call API and other management servers for our cloud environment.

Another point I should mention is that cloud computing works on IaaS(Infrastructure as a service) and virtualization is based on Saas(Software as a service).

So I hope this article helped you to understand what is the difference between the functions of cloud computing and virtualization. At least one of the major differences is that the human factor of management has been automated with cloud computing.


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