What is a Smart Speaker

Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home 

Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home


Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two most famous Smart Speakers in the world. Amazon Echo has a built-in virtual assistant called Alexa and  Google Home has a built-in virtual assistant called Google Assistant. These are very competitive Smart Speakers in the world right now. However, these two have so many common features and a few unique features each. So today I’m going to compare the features of Amazon Echo and Google Home. So let’s see which is the best, Amazon Echo or Google Home. And it will help to decide what is most suitable for you.


What is a Smart Speaker

Smart SpeakerSmart Speaker is a voice-activated device that included a virtual assistant in itself. We can show it as another application Internet of Things that enables us to a variety of hand-free actions like, controlling wireless devices that have connected to it. Most of the time Smart Speaker use as the main device in a home automation system. Famous brands in the Smart Speaker market are Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod.

Alexa first released on the Amazon Echo in 2014. Since then it became so much popular among the young generation. Two years after that Google also announced for the first time at Google I/O in 2016. Then the competition began for the Smart Speaker market, between two great companies. So this guide will help you to decide, which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home.


Comparison between Amazon Echo and Google Home

Google Home vs Amzon Echo

SkillsAmazon EchoGoogle Home
Virtual AssistantAlexaGoogle Assistant
Voice controlYesYes
Remote SupportYesNo
Mobile application?YesYes
Number of products can be controlledMore than 10000 productsMore than 70000 products & more than 7400 different brands
Play gamesYesYes
Guard your homeYesYes
Built-in music librariesAmazon musicGoogle Play music, Pandora, Gaana, Saavn, and Spotify
Accuracy of answering question64%81%
Voice ShoppingYesYes
Voice typesOnly Female voice6 types of voices in both male and female
Price49.99$ (echo)
99.99$ (echo dot)
399$ (Google home max)
129$ (Google home)
49$ (Google home mini)


When you compare both Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, they both have so many common features. And some are unique to each device. If you are willing to buy a Smart Assistant, you should probably understand your needs first.

Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home

if you are a person who listens to music often, then Google Home will be a good option because it supports so many music platforms. Also Google Assistant is very much accurate with its answers, but it really does feels like talking to a robot. But on the other hand, Alex is very much friendly and really feels like talking to a human. Therefore should really identify what you want before you buy. Because even Google Home has three different types of Smart Speakers and Amazon echo has 2 types. So after considering all those things you should decide Which is the best Amazon Echo or Google Home by your self.


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