Why did google glass fail

Why did Google Glass fail at the 1st attempt

Why did Google Glass fail at the 1st attempt


Around the year 2013, Google released its newly designed Optical Head-Mounted Display called Google glass, which is a kind of Smart Glass developed by Google X (Xdevelopment LLC). In simple words, Google Glass is just another Smart Glass brand like DreamGlass, North Focals, and Vuzix Blade. This smart glass was capable of displaying information like a smartphone. But unfortunately, in early 2015 Google announced that it would temporarily stop producing the Google Glass prototype. However, Google managed to reenter the market with a new edition of Google Glass. By the way, this is a little old story that happened around 2015. But today we will talk about why did google glass fail at its first launch.


What is Google Glass?


What is a smart glassAs I mentioned before it a brand of a Smart Glass. Smart glass is a wearable computer glass that is capable of displaying information that the users needed, on the lens of the glass, only for the ones who wear it. Its a combined technology of transparent heads-up display (HUD) and augmented reality (AR). They have almost every feature on a smartphone. It can be controlled over voice commands and some touch buttons.

However, Google released its first smart glass in 2013 which is called “Glass explorer edition” for a price around 1500USD. They got high hopes about this new product and they announced it with a huge fanfare.


Why did Google Glass fail


When Google Glass released they described it as an invention for spies. Even though, the experts and users stared to criticize from the first day it released. The main reason users complained about Google Glass is, they have to be on a VVIP list apart from 1500 USD to buy the product. However, that’s not the only problem. Let’s see a few main reasons why did Google Glass fail.

Why did Google Glass fail


1. Negative reviews on the design

Design is a very important aspect not only as a marketing trick but also for better and efficient results. However, the design of Google Glass is not as good as users expected. Because it is unattractive and also a very mean bulky frame.


2. Safety and privacy concerns

Safety and privacy concerns og Google GlassGoogle Glass had a built-in camera, which would mean that technically people could be filming you while wearing this thing without you knowing. As a consequence, the wearing of Google Glass devices was banned in such places as movie theaters, banks, sports and concert venues, hospitals, changing rooms, classrooms, even in cars in some U.S. states, as well as in some bars and nightclubs. Add up all of those kinds of locations, and it places extreme limitations on the usage of the product.


3. Implications for a person’s health

We know smartphones produce radiation and so would a Google Glass device. So as Google Glass. The difference is the Google Glass headset would be worn constantly on a user’s head. That’s an awful lot more contact with a person’s skull than a smartphone. Therefore people didn’t want to buy a product for 1500 USD and if it causes some brain damages. So they rejected Google Glass.


4. Not more than a smartphone on the head

One of the main complaints that users had with Google Glass was that it really didn’t offer any additional value or functionality not already provided by a smartphone. The convenience of wearing the device on your head didn’t really mean very much. A smartphone has an obvious purpose, as does a fitness wearable. But there is no defining function in Google Glass to make it a must-have. It lacked a unique selling point beyond its form.


5. Poor markrting tricks

Google Glass was also heavily criticized from a marketing perspective and they learned a big lesson from that. When compared to the other global products, Google never specified its Smart Glass’s features clearly to the consumers. Therefore users had no exact idea about the product they going to buy. Actually, it wasn’t really gaining traction with the average consumer, and given its considerable price tag, it became little more than an elitist product that few could obtain, and fewer still understood.

Google Glass


However, after 2 years Google made a come back strongly in the Smart Glass industry with a new edition of Google Glass called “Google Glass Enterprise Edition”. We hope to talk about the new feature of the product and how Google managed to cover the damage done by the earlier edition. See you in future articles.


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