Internet of Things Devices

In the last 10 years, production and the usage of the Internet of things devices have become a very high value. Even this graph shows how fast it has become famous. The efficiency and accuracy it gives may directly cause this trend.  So let’s get into deeper of IoT devices and see how they are so powerful.

However, before all that let me give some brief introduction to IoT devices and then talk about some important points.

What is an IoT device

Iot device is any device with the ability to receive some data and communicate over networks, can call an IoT device. Inside those devices can be include sensors, actuators, computer devices, and software. In simple words, IoT helps one device, to talk to another using those sensors, actuators, etc. The software used inside most of these devices is very powerful and forced with artificial intelligence. Therefore they have the ability to automatically learn and improve themself from experience without being explicitly programmed.

IoT device management

Installing an IoT device is easy. But managing it after installing is the hardest part. After installing, every device needs to manage. Which means it needs to authenticate, provision, configure, monitor,  and maintain. So let’s talk about each one of these separately.

(1)  Authentication and provisioning

Every second there are 127 new iot devices connecting to the internet. But the problem is there are plenty of inexperienced manufactures and they don’t have enough knowledge and technology in matters of security. Therefore the number of IoT attacks increase in 2018 by 217%.  On the other hand, 14% of consumers believe that they are knowledgable about IoT security.

That’s why authenticating and provisioning are very important.

Authentication is the process of setting up the identity of the device to make sure that the device is genuine and running trusted software.

Provisioning is enrolling a device into the system.

(2) Configuration

A device configuration is an arbitrary, user-defined blob of data that helps a device to report its state to a cloud IoT core.

(3) Monitoring

There are billions of IoT devices in the world and most of them connected as IoT systems which are contained a large number of IoT devices. Therefore a small bug in one device can be done huge damage to an IoT system. That’s why monitoring devices is very important. If we monitor each device we can find the root of an error when it occurs.

(4) Maintain

This is one of the most important aspects of IoT device management. This part is mainly focused on fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities with software updates. As well as adding some new features and functionalities.

IoT device security

Allowing devices to connect with each other through the internet may cause some serious vulnerabilities unless we secured it enough. Therefore IoT security should be the number one priority if you care about your privacy and protection.

Even the manufacturers have spent millions of dollars on IoT security every year because of the importance of it.

So there are few things you can do to protect your IoT  device/system from your side

    1. Set a strong password
    2. Update firmware regularly
    3. Turn off devices when you don’t use it.
    4. Use a separate private network

On the other hand, manufacturers use hardware security modules, supporting security software to inject cryptographic keys, digital certificates, control the number of units built and the code incorporated into each to make sure these devices have the minimum probability of being attacked.

However, it is impossible to create 100% secured IoT devices. Therefore attackers still have a chance of a breakthrough.

Applications of IoT devices

With the 30 billion active IoT devices in the world, it has spread in so many fields. 93% of enterprises have adopted some form of IoT technology by the end of 2019.  There are some mostly used areas of IoT devices.

  1. Smart Home
  2. Smart City
  3. Wearables
  4. Smart Vehicles
  5. Connected Health
  6. Smart Farming

You can get more details about the applications and list of iot devices by clicking on the above links.

You can also read the Advantages and disadvantages of IoT.



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