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Home automation systems

Who doesn’t like to convert their houses to a smart home? No one right. Everyone can make a smart home by using their existing home with some extra cash. Smart home is an automated house that can control devices from anywhere in the world. Not only that it has the ability to think and get decisions themself. That can hugely increase the efficiency of those devices. So let’s get some basic knowledge before you create a smart home.

What is Home automation?


what is automationHome Automation System, in other words, the smart home has been around for several years lets you control the basic things in your homes such as lighting, temperature and much more. It may also provide security in your house. In simple words, home automation is the process of connecting devices in your home to the internet. By doing that you can let devices get their own decisions and create a much efficient environment in your home. These are advancements to the mechanization processes where the human efforts are needed with machinery equipments to operate various loads in the home.



History and evolution of home automation systems


In the early years of automation, it began with some electric powered machines like washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, and dishwashers. At that time it was considered as a luxury. However, these devices still needed physical control(Like pressing buttons) to work. Because it is not capable of   But as smartphones and tablets become increasingly common to households, the home automation system became much popular and more affordable. With the  Internet of things comes to the scene home automation started to move forward in lightning fast. Because it helps devices to connect with each other and share information to make things fast.


Home automation with the Internet of things


Home automation with IoTNowadays people have used to automate their houses with the Internet of things. Because it helps devices to connect to the internet. So they can control those devices through the internet without a physical attachment with the devices. For example, your smart fridge can order groceries from an online store even without a single command from you. Smart thermostats can change the temperature according to the environment temperature.




Benefits of home automation system

    • Security – The ability to lock the door through the phone is one of the many advantages of a home automation system. The fact that you can be alerted each time someone enters your house allows you to monitor who is entering your home at all times, especially when you are not there.
    • Convenience – The other advantage is that it is very convenient. With our smartphone always with us, we can easily monitor our home and control everything with just a touch a finger via smart home automation system.
    • Safety – The ability to control the small appliances and lighting with the fingertips will add safety to your home. You can make sure that the appliances are off when needed and on when required.
    • Saves Time – In this fast-paced environment, we don’t have time even for ourselves. With Domautics smart home automation system, we can save time going back to our home and make sure everything is in order.
    • Comfort – It helps you to make your life comfortable by reducing your attachment with devices. Because you don’t need to give commands or move all over the house.
    • Saves Money – This is the biggest and well-loved advantage of home automation system. The ability to control the light, whether dimming or turning on/off on specific time will save the homeowners some heavy bucks.


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