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IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways


We are constantly moving towards a society that is better connected because of IoT devices. Predictions say that there will be over 75 billion connected devices in the world by 2025. That means everything will be much smarter and efficient with advanced Internet of things devices. However to connect this kind of amount IoT devices we need a much faster internet connection as well as a better gateway. That’s why 5G connection and IoT gateways come to the scene. In this article, let’s talk about everything you need to know about IoT gateways.


What is an IoT Gateway?

IoT gateway structureIoT gateways are used to connect devices into an IoT cloud. IoT cloud is a platform to store or process IoT data. In simple words, the IoT gateway builds the bridge between sensors (device) and the internet (cloud). IoT devices can connect to the gateway in several ways like Zigbee, Z-ware, and Bluetooth LE. On the other hand, the gateway connects to the internet(Network) via LAN or WAN. This part is called the bridge communication in an IoT gateway. However, the IoT gateway has some other capabilities like data volume filtering and security implementation. These three capabilities are part of Edge computing.


IoT gateway device types


Embedded IoT gateways :






External IoT gateways :

external IoT gateway






Features and benefits

  • Manage user access and network security feature
  • Device configuration management
  • Device to device communication
  • System diagnostics
  • Networking and hosting feature
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Clean and filter data before sending
  • Improve efficiency in IoT devices


How does IoT gateway work?

As we discussed above IoT gateway provides Edge computing. To transfer, filter and clean the raw data gathered from IoT devices gateway by using that Edge computing. Then it translates all that data for encryption and communication. Finally sends the data to the destination on the Internet.


How to secure IoT gateway devices

When the number of IoT devices in the system grow, chances and opportunities of getting attacked increases. Therefore using the right methods to improve security is crucial. If we could secure the gateway correctly, then it is useful as a security mechanism to make sure that anything that is connected to it. So let’s see what we can do to minimize security threats to IoT devices and gateway.

  • First of all, you have to get an identity certificate to make sure the trustworthiness of your device. By doing this any external device that connects to the gateway can verify the identity of the gateway.
  • In order to prevent physical tampering, you have to use some extra security methods like a Trusted platform module, Physical unclonable function.


So finally in a world without gateways, it’s hard for our devices to communicate with each other or outside networks. But the gateways do the standard task of a router. In other words, it forwards packets in multi-hop environments. But most importantly it is also capable of connecting different devices with different technologies.

The IoT gateway is the most critical element in IoT ecosystems. Because it is the bridge of communications of IoT devices. It helps reduce latency and improve capacity at the edge by pre-processing raw information. And also IoT gateway provides an extra line of security in these vulnerable environments to minimize the security risk.

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