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About the iot ExploreHub,

Welcome to iot ExploreHub. Firstly, I should say this is your number one source to learn almost everything about the Internet of Things (IoT). Secondly, we’re dedicated to giving you the very best of knowledge, with a focus on reliability, accuracy, and updates.

As the founder and an author of iot ExploreHub, I’m an experienced Sofware Engineer who graduated from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. I have a fluent knowledge of Information Technology and Computer Science. Above all, I have an excellent and knowledgeable team to work with me.

The intention of this website is to provide a piece of excellent knowledge to the users. Not only about the Internet of Things but also other related fields to IoT.  To achieve that target we have arranged plenty of articles with a good flow. Therefore even anyone with a non-technical background can understand. And furthermore, we have given chance to the users to ask any relevant questions via comments or messages. Also, we are happy to solve that problem in the comment section or in future articles. So don’t hesitate to ask a question in your mind. That may be useful for other users.


Like to become an iot ExploreHub contributor?

We are looking for influential voices in IoT. If you are willing to join our cross-disciplinary hub and actively write unique content for our website, please send us an email with your detail. Here is our email address. [email protected]

After that, we will inform you of the further steps.


Feedback and Suggestions abour iot ExploreHub.

However, nothing is perfect in the world. Therefore we need your help to make this website more useful.

So, for inquiries about iotExploreHub contact me. Here is our email address. [email protected]

We hope you will like our content. Not only that, we always appreciate your feedback. Because it will help us to provide the best outcome for the users.

Thank You.



SP Senanayake

-Founder & Author


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