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How do Wireless Networks work?

How do Wireless Networks work?


Usually, wireless networks use radio waves to transmit data between computers instead of using wires. That’s an idea we can get even by reading the name, wireless networks. But if you are looking for some more deep information about wireless networks, then read this article carefully.


How do wireless networks communicate?

As we all know computers and every other machine transmit records and data digitally, by using binary. Which means ones & zeros (1 & 0). This is a method of communicating between computers that translates to radio waves since the computer can transmit ones and zeros as different kinds of a beep. The sound of these beeps are so fast and not in the range of human hearing. Therefore we cant hear the sound of those beeps. There are plenty of these kinds of radio waves around us all the time. But that doesn’t stop a computer from using them.


Morse codes and Computers

The way computers communicate is very similar to Morse codes. You should know that Morse code represents the alphabet by using short and long dashes (or short beeps & long beeps). So it can be transmitted over the radio using those two different beep sounds. It was used for many years especially in military and nautical fields. Hence it became a very useful method of communicating with the invention of the telegraph. More importantly in our case, though, it is a binary system, just like a computer’s ones and zeros.

Similarly, think of wireless networking, as being like Morse code for computers. If we connect a combined radio receiver and transmitter in, and the computer is capable of sending out its equivalent of dots and dashes (in other words, Bits) to get data from one device to another.


All About Frequencies.

You might wonder how a computer can possibly transmit enough bits to send and receive data at the speed it does. However, there must be a limit to data/bits sent per second before it just becomes useless. But wireless networking gets around this problem very well. And that’s the key.

First of all, wireless transmissions sent data at very high frequencies. Therefore it is capable of sending more data within a second. Usually, wireless connections use frequency of 2.4GHz and that’s the same frequency used in mobile phones and microwaves ovens. You might know that when the frequency wavelengths become very short. (c = λ × f; c is a constant, f is frequency and λ is wavelength). That’s the reason wireless networks only works over a very limited area.

In addition, wireless networks use a technique known as “Frequency Hopping” to switch between thousands of frequencies regularly around the given area. This makes wireless networks much more immune to interference from the other radio signals rather than transmit on a single frequency.


What is an Access Point?

The access factor is the wireless equipment that helps to achieve relation to all of the computers that sharing the internet get entry to. Access points are very luxurious when compare to wireless playing cards for one laptop because they have radios for speaking to around one hundred compute systems at one time. Dedicated get entry to factors are only absolutely vital for larger networks, but if you have a few computer systems, it’s miles feasible to use one in all of them because they get admission to factor or you may just get a wi-fi router.

They Understand Each Other

That’s all well and true, then, but how does wireless device made by means of absolutely exceptional businesses control to paintings collectively whilst that is all so complicated? Well, the solution for that is there are requirements that everyone has wi-fi devices. These requirements are technically called the 802.11 requirements, and that’s a part of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) set of LAN protocols. It is because of people sticking to their standards that wi-fi networking is so easy to use and reasonably-priced to apply nowadays.

If all this talk of frequencies has you a little involved, you do not need to be wireless networking hardware and the software handles all of this robotically, without you wanting to do a factor. Don’t think that you’re going to have to inform one wireless device what frequency some other is using, because it’s just not going to occur, alright? Wireless networking, for all its complex workings, is truly a long way greater easy to apply than you’ll ever count on.


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